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"Jerry, you will always be a hero to the MDA families."
— Celine Dion on September 04, 2011
"Live in Las Vegas: A New Day."
— Celine Dion on April 13, 2010
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RT @womenlifeissues: “He can’t eat,he might die''Celine Dion breaks down as she reveals her husband’s struggle with http://t.co/1tVztBMSlK

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L L #CelineDion #Music ^ CELINE DION_That's The Way It Is CD 3trk VGC #Love #Deal… http://t.co/XXQ6MJLFUi http://t.co/6Ol9o2V9yn

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Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me Classic 💕 http://t.co/XfP75MCUCG

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