Hillary Clinton
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"It is out of hand and it needs to stop."
— Hillary Clinton on March 04, 2012
"I can tell you stories about every person I see here, but I won't."
— Hillary Clinton on March 01, 2012
Hillary Clinton Tweets
Hillary Clinton to visit Twitter, Facebook and Google today - San Francisco Examiner http://t.co/MQBg0EbkuZ

Twitter: @zoegits

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at Facebook today participating in a Q&A with FB employees. http://t.co/eM8vqggIB3

Twitter: @EmilyDT

Excuse me @HillaryClinton, but #GMOs ARE Frankenstein-ish and SCARY #phoods! Tell the #truth! #profitsoverpeople http://t.co/IDYQNEovU3

Twitter: @foodnotphood