Burger King
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Burger King Stories
"I'm embarrassed. It's humiliating."
— Burger King on November 18, 2010
"These practices are inconsistent with our corporate responsibility commitments."
— Burger King on September 04, 2010
Burger King Tweets
RT @naileditpic: You'll never eat again from Dominos, McDonald, The Burger King or KFC after looking at this http://t.co/tvqoWwwpry

Twitter: @Andycarroll_2

RT @tsoyzil: 6 am burger king with fav @thecarinapisani 🍔👑👯 http://t.co/9ywNTpRXWE

Twitter: @thecarinapisani

@dazgill2006 @curlywurlyryan @mcollingwood84 Mmmm Burger King yum yum! http://t.co/SRDlpBILLv

Twitter: @MadAboutTinks

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